Diving in Egypt

In 1994 and 1995 I went to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt for scuba diving. On the last trip, in late 1995, I wrote a diary, with the intention to publish it on the web. I guess this was a very early blog, even if I was not able to publish anything until I got back home to Sweden. I wrote the diary on a IBM Thinkpad 701 and I also brought a digital camera, a Kodak DC40 with the whopping resolution 756x504 pixels (0.38 Megapixel). I believe the memory was 4 MB.
Over the years, and through several moves (including one international and one cross.country) I lost most pictures I took during the trip (they were stored on floppy disks), but a few pictures have survived. I also have the original logo for the page saved, as you can see above. I think I may have a backup of the text somewhere, but I still have to locate it.

Below are the pictures I have saved.