Notes XML Exporter

In addition to all the applications I have created for my work, I have also developed a few applications on my own. One of them is an application to export Notes databases as XML.

This kind of program has been a frequent requests in discussion forums and other places. It could be a company who want to move all their purchase orders from an old home-made Notes database to a relational database, or someone who want to extract embedded images from Notes documents and store them in a separate location.

My application allows the user to export all documents, or restrict it to just certain forms. The documents can be put in one huge directory, or in one directory per application. Attachments are detached with their original file name intact, while embedded images gets a new file name created, as the original file name is not stored during import. References to any attachments and images are put in the XML output, to allow for easy linking back together.

Below is what Pálmi Lord, a Notes developer on Iceland, kindly said this on his blog about the tool:

I was looking for quick solutions to a small project that was coming my way and that was taking DB with 400 plus documents and export them to XML but the attachment needed to be “linked” within the XML. Karl-Henry Martinsson saw my post / Twitter and got in touch with me. He has the tool to do that and if you have a project that need this kinda export then get in touch with him. It’s not a free tool for thousands of documents and it should´t be ether. Its fast and does the job very well. Great job Karl.

If you are interested in purchasing this tool, feel free to contact me. There is also a restricted demo version you can download. The cost is based on the number of documents you want to export, to make it more fair. Exporting just a few hundred documents should of course be cheaper than exporting hundreds of thousands of documents. But we are talking just a few cents per document, much less expensive than doing the work manually. And the cost per document goes down the more documents you export.


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